We’ve been here before. Long ago, I think. Back when the Google cameras were new, and I did a site on North Dakota small towns.

From the brown ’n’ round era of OUMBs:

“I want a design that really tells everyone who passes by where the staircase to the second floor is located.”

The rare Buckaroo Revival face mask:

Bonus: the sheet-metal cornice replacement.

We all have that nightmare of meeting a man with no face:

In this dream he’s wearing an amazingly colorful hat.

From the Stan Laurel school of architecture:


Modest facade for a movie palace, but the sign looks original.

Love those lions. Classes up the joint. Do you know those things on the side of the sign that tells you what’s playing? The things this marquee doesn’t have? They’re called “Attraction Panels.”

Here is the May 1932 roster.

I LOL’d, as they say

Interesting modernization; they were looking for the classy man-in-the-grey-suit look. The little pediment poking up is almost sad, as if the building is trying to stay alive in a flooded room.

I don’t know: could be new, trying to fit in. The stone at the bottom left, a bit dinged by time, suggests it could be old and well-preserved.

Oh for heaven’s sake

Looks like a dumb, sleepy-eyed bully. Why they don’t just hack off the top and be done with it, I don’t know. It’s just cruel.

Nah, we didn’t hire a designer. Knew a guy who said he could do it. Looks fine.

Yes! Here’s an old bank that puts everyone in the shade.

I don’t know where the name comes from.

Annnnd that’s Chamberlain.