Our second look at Boonville. Better? Worse?


Battered, but we see the original look, albeit tarnished and careworn.

Hold on a second here -

The cornice tells us the building was truncated. How? Why?

I made this:

But you'd think the door would be closer to the right.

Obscured in other views:

A saloon, originally, according to local histories. You know, of course, that it replaced a building that burned down.

Another weary building, begging for a good sandblasting and tuck pointing.


Never mind

The need for a second-floor entrance does tend to mess with the symmetry.


Another Boonville building thus named, here. Mr. B must have done well.

"Antiques" now, but the sheet-metal facade indicates a prosperous store that did a post-war rehab.

No doubt a wonderful sign once covered that space.

The only question is what the bank was originally called.

City Halls often moved into old banks. Rather symbolic.

I don’t think they sell shoes anymore.

Glad the sign still exists, but at this point it’s more depressing than historic.

OUMB: a jumble of modern ideas, presaging the punchcode window style to come.

(Obligatory Ugly Modern Bank, if you’re just joining us.)

Pythian hearts must have swelled with pride!

The uppermost portion took a bit of a haircut. Or it's an addition?

One of of the sites about the Knights building said it had three fires, and the most recent took down some adjacent buildings. Well, I don’t see where that’s the case -


Murals. They just make you think that nothing’s really going on here.


If the three-link sign is up, perhaps they still meet once a month to exchange secret handshakes and plot good things.

That’s a nice piece of work - and quite unusual for the era.

1904, “Spanish Baroque” style.

Not too baroque.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Columns made of brick never look right.

That’s unfortunate.

It was originally a standard post-war building - you can tell it had broad big windows, later bricked in. Stupid Mansarding for extra ugliness.

A fine school.

I wonder how long it will take before this no longer says "school" to most people.

That day is probably upon us already.