BURBANK California.





I'm sure it's unrecognizable today. In a sense it was unrecognizable then, for some: imagine waking up after a 20-year nap, and the world looks like this. It's the total victory of modernism. Every historical style has been exterminated.

Me, I love it. Burbank Confidential.

Anyone have any idea where this is? It is possible that any of this survived?

Oh, I can't let it go at that. Let me google a bit . . . Ah.Really? you say. Really. "Sav-on" was the key. Using that search term led to a page of Old Burbank recollections, and someone mentioned the Major Theater, "on the same block as the Sav-on." The major theater was at 33. San Fernando boulevard. At first I thought it was hopeless, until I drove forward a few yards.

Go on. Click foward. You'll see it. The Thrifty Drug sign.

The Hartfield sign is there, and you can read the grid that was on the old store.

All those trees. So . . . imagine living in that previous version, then taking a 30-year nap, and waking up to find the reforested version. You'd wonder what the hell happened.