BUTTE Montana




This one’s tough, but I think I have it figured out. The card says it’s Park Street, looking west. The building in the middle-distance has a YMCA sign on top. There’s a structure at 413 Park that not only has the right size and details, but the old entrance says “YMCA.”

But I can’t find a good view. The building on the right is Schwartz’s Men’s store, and looks like there’s a theater marquee. Some googling . . . and ah hah, the American theater comes up, and the site has a comment that quotes a 1950 news story about the theater’s destruction by fire.

That led to this picture of the theater, which gives us the name of the department store on the left side of the picture: Burr’s, in the Phoenix building. This site gives the addres of Burr's: 66 West Park. Moving backwards, we see the building that had the blue DRUGS side, with six protrusions on its cornice.