Oh, this is too easy.

Actually, no; it was devlishly hard. At first I thought forget it, Pecos. Not even possible. But then I was filled with shame: really? Giving up, so soon?



First problem: the card says it’s “U.S. Highway 10." It doesn’t exist anymore as such, but according to old maps it went east-west. So: look at the map, and see if there’s a big east-west highway. There is: Interstate 280. Hey, that has an 80 in it. Find the spur that goes through town, the local-business loop; it’s West 3rd Street. Plod along, block by block, until:




Holy crap, could that be it? That’s the style of the 1930s station.


But it’s not. Nothing else matches. So I kept going, found an intersection that had a building that looked like something on the other part of the card. I cropped it to get all the Texaco signage goodness.