Nothing special, nothing grand - just a few postcards of old shopping malls. No one ever thought the term "old" would apply, of course; these were the shining temples of modern ease and convenience. If these postcards tell you anything, it's this:

The malls of the early 60s were quite incredible. And the malls of the 70s were hideous dreck-pits, the likes of which we may never hope to see again.

If you're looking for Southdale, it's been moved here to Minneapolis Modern.




Brookfield Square ~ Brookfield WI

Chris-Town Shopping Center ~ Phoenix AZ

Eastridge Center ~ San Jose CA

Mayfair Mall ~ Wauwatosa WI

Lloyd Center ~ Portland OR

Colonial Shopping Center ~ Orlando FL

Sugarland Mall ~ Hereford TX

Tri-City Mall ~ Mesa AZ

Walt Whitman Mall ~ Huntington Station NY

West Acres ~ Fargo ND

Indian Creek Mall ~ Beatrice NE