I said one of these days would be light, due to crazy work demands, and this is it. On the other hand, I have band video. We had the final run-through before Thursday’s 9 am concert (ugh) and it went as well as you can expect, seeing as it was just the third time we’d practiced. For the first time in my life I’ve have to wonder what I should be doing while playing – making Rawk Gawd Faces, duckwalking, setting the guitar on fire, what? It seems silly to stand there, although that worked for John Entwhistle quite well. Of course, he was a bassist. No one likes a leapy bassist. It’s like having Rip Taylor for a structural engineer.

Anyway. Here they are. The blip.tv site won’t give me the embed code for one of the videos, which just knocks it all in a cocked hat, I tell you. So here’s the deal. Click on the picture below to go to a version I’ve hosted – nice and crisp video, muddy sound, 19MB, MPEG-4 format. The song is “That’s Just the Way That We Roll” by the ridiculously famous Jonas Brothers. The drummer's about ten, incidentally.

If that doesn’t work, this page has the flash version.

The image below takes you to our version of “Blue Suede Shoes,” which will feature the school principal as Elvis. This was about the fourth time we’d played the one, but really, you should be able to nail this one right off the bat. Resolution is decent, and it's 16 MB.

If that doesn’t work, here's the flash version, which blip will let me embed.

A lot of work to embarrass myself here, but I promised.

Longtime guitarist who know what they’re doing will perhaps discern a reliance on the distortion pedal. Guilty as charged. I like the distortion pedal; it covers a mulitude of sins and gives you big bristly clouds of sound you can shape.

Whatever: damn, it’s fun. It’s just so much fun.

Bleat Radio Theater returns with this interesting debut: “Stand By For Crime.”  Well – uh, I’d rather not; if there’s crime about, I’d rather get out of here. The show featured a crusading television anchor, and the debut tells you all you need to know. Trust me: the premise must have strained credulity then, but it’s sheer lunacy now. Notable for the constant use of the term “glamorpuss” for the anchorman’s secretary.

The anchorman was played by Glenn Langan, who’ll live forever as the titular giant of “The Amazing Colossal Man.”


Enjoy, and I’ll see you at buzz.mn for a four-Lance-Lawson Thursday!