I’m out of here. Not in the physical sense, but in the “cyber” sense, as we said, for about two months back in 1995, before the term became usuable without the application of heavy irony to indicate that Grandma had heard the word on the nightly news.

Things I will not be doing:

Blogging (much; I will nip in to buzz.mn from time to time)
Rejiggering the site graphics
Writing any updates to the various subsites
Planning new sites
Amusing myself by scanning old photos at high res-

Although there is one I discovered today; it’s a beaut. I’d better scan it now before I forget. It’s Fifth Street in Minneapolis.


The details are wonderful; I’ve never seen this street from this angle. Look at this neon sign: you know the pants legs were animated.

Anyway. No more of that. Back a week from Monday, and then it's all the old fun stuff, Diner included. Oh - column in today's StarTribune.

Have a fine spring break!