ALERT: today, I believe, is the day my new - er, my twin brother's video goes up on I encourage you to give it a look - from what I understand, it contains some scenes of him getting caught pitching a fit when he's reassigned from his beat, and then he covers a local art festival. He doesn't know what he's doing yet, and like many serious middle-aged journalists, doesn't really understand the whole video thing. Yet. We're sure he'll get it eventually. GO WATCH.

NOTE: If you're reading this in the Western Hemisphere in the reasonable AM hours of Monday, it should be up; if you're South Korea or China or New Zealand, I cannot vouch for the clip. If it's not on the front page yet, it'll be up around noon.

As for the Bleat? Well,look at this from my perspective: all the time usually spent writing the Bleat and the morning update was spent doing something very different and quite enjoyable. I took notes, but they need ordering and tweaking. I could stay up until two and get it all done and THEN write the update, or I could write it all tomorrow and post it all on, since it is a local event. That's what I will do.

What's the subject? Some hints:

It's a sign of a neighborhood's changes when they add the third language to the Orthodox Church's basement bathroom. Only in America:


Behind this door are Musky Mens! But why the star? Don't ask the Bride of Pikachu:

Meanwhile, upstairs. this unusual scene:

Tough space to light, but awesome in the old sense of the word:

The making of the making-of feature:

That's right: we were Extras.






More on the story - a complete diary of the day, in fact - will be posted at around 11 AM or so.


New Matchbook! See you at Did I mention you should go there around 11 for the long post about being extras on a movie set, and you should go to the Strib site for my, er, twin brother's stupid attempt at being a TV-style reporter? No? Well, fine. Best not to self-promote too much. Looks unseemly.