This is a test. This is a test of the proto-electronic music identification system. Please enter the two-word movie title that comes to mind when you hear the following: (Brief flash; mouse over for controls.)


It made me sit up right away, and say AH HAH! The music for the movie is by Quincy Jones, but those three electronic burps hailed from another film. Do you know which one?

Bonus question: was Dyan Cannon one of those timeless beauties, or an example of shifting tastes? I mean, was it all about the hair?

It’s over! At least the day after the election is supposed to be warm in these parts – I recall the day after the 2000 contest, and it was bleak and rainy and dank and . . . .contested. I don’t recall much about 2004, except the chest-pounding, which I didn’t have this time. The day after the election is always strange; you’re so very relieved it’s over, and the signs look like remnants from an era charged with emotions that have drained away. Then the rain comes. The losers always keep their signs up the longest, it seems. OH YEAH? OH YEAH? (Sigh)

I spent election night at the church, where Natalie had choir practice, reading an excellent novel about ancient Rome. (“Roman Blood,” by Stephen Saylor – brilliant idea, a private detective in Rome. First in a series, it seems.) We went to Southdale for Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream – more about that at buzz,mn tomorrow. Stopped at the Apple Store; bought “Call of Duty 4” for the Mac, which no doubt means “Call of Duty 9” should be out for consoles soon. Amused ourselves at various stores selling various things that smell – the Bath and Body Works store, the candle store. It gives her great delight to choose one scented candle – so many choices, such great responsibility. Drove home in a fine but slightly muted mood.

So . . . all I have today, aside from a nice Minneapolis old hotel update – yes, be still your throbbing heart, etc. – is the electronic music challenge described above. It’s the trailer from the movie discussed on Monday, “The Anderson Tapes.” I sat up when I heard those sounds: hey, I know where that’s from.

And I was correct, right down to the typewriters:

Why do I know this? I don't know, but I'm glad I do. Wonder if they thought anyone would notice at the time, let alone 36 years later. I'm guessing "No" to the former and "who cares" to the latter.

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