The new site has to do with . . . comics.

Sorry. Again? MORE? Yes, I know. But this is an attempt to bring all the comic-related sites under one brand. The general interface isn’t done yet, but who cares. It’s not like this is a job. Anyway: the subject is comic-book advertising, a rich and depthless subject that’s interested me for years. The ads range from the gorgeous illustrations of bikes and guns – the heyday of boydom – to the cheap tiny ads of Marvel books in the 70s to the pseudo-cartoons that infected the fifties and sixties. When it’s finished the site will have about 200 pages – I’ve been collecting this stuff for a very long time.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food and Gobbler updates will follow this month or next. In short, there’s a lot of stuff here, isn’t there? Every week? If this actually turned into my job, I’d like to think I’d get the odd coin from time to time, but we’ll hold off on a fundraiser until my employer has another horrid convulsion and I get tossed overboard. You could always buy the books, if you haven’t; that helps with the next book contract, whatever that turns out to be.

Here it is. Hope you enjoyed this week’s efforts; new column up at for your amusement. (Warning: no amusement may happen.) See you at, and have a grand weekend.