12.23.11: Christmas at the Diner



The snow is gone, but the memory lingers. Doesn’t matter at this point: we’re about to be pitched into all the things that make Christmas the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (TM) and all is well at Jasperwood. Today is light on Bleatage, but A) there’s a Diner, and B) there’s an addition to Vintage and/or Retro, oh whatever, old stuff Christmas in Miscellany. Links at the bottom. First, if I may share some ornaments:

I’ve had this for a long time. One of my favorites, for reasons you can probably guess.


Something I bought at the year-round Disney Christmas store in Downtown Disney in Disneyworld in Disney County in the state of Disney, USA:


Twenties Mickey bringing home a hand-hewn tree. Or Twenties Mickey decorating Pluto’s doghouse:



That’s about it for licensed merch on the tree, except for a few My Little Ponys, which are okay again because the new show is hip. Never quite figured out why people put Darth Vader ornaments on the tree. I think I saw one for the Death Star.

That’s a stretch.

The last piece of Christmas from Other Eras here, and it's delightful:



It's for Coke, of course.

The larger image, and the rest of the site, is here.

Christmas Diner! The usual tour of peculiar seasonal music.

May you have the merriest and finest installment of Christmas in recent memory, friends - peace & love & joy. and all those words advertisers struggle to fit into copy in July, and designers attempt to find perfect typefaces to express. How can you do something new with such simple old ideas?

As if it has to be new. As if it has to be different. On to the tradition! The cakes, the ales, the goose, the pie, the songs, the crackle and spit of the fire, the whirr of the DVD player loading the holiday favorite movie, the rustle of a hand in the box of Russell Stover Chocolates looking for something, anything, even one of those jellied things, because lord knows everyone takes the pastel-colored creams first, then goes for the caramels, then leaves the jellied ones for the slowpokes. Why, in my day, we didn't have a guide to the chocolates printed on the box; you had to guess. And you had to live with your choices, too. Kids today, probably look up where the good ones are on the internet or get a text alert because they liked R-Sto XtremeCreme on the Facebook or something.

Which reminds me: I have to go buy a box of Russell Stover Chocolates tomorrow.

And you? What's the smallest of your traditions? It's the small ones kids remember, you know. The angels are in the details.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.



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