Everything piles up on Thursday and Friday. The worst part is getting a guest for the Friday TV show - it was easy when we relied on reporters, but going outside the paper means convincing people to come to the building, and be on video, on Friday, and it’s remarkable how many people take a pass on that.

There are also two pieces due. But there’s that sweet moment when I hit the final send button, and there’s nothing left to do but take daughter to piano, get the pizza, and start the pleasures of a Friday night. Except they’re gone this weekend. And it’s frozen pizza. Again.

Well, my wife’s been gone a day and only half the plants are dead, so I’m doing okay.

Anyway, I’m tapped. I have a remarkable amount of work to do tonight, and I have nothing except . . . ten pages of the Wards 1961 calendar, and that’s not hay, is it? I mean, I’ve added about fifty pages to the site this week. That ought to count for something.

Too much internet this week, as I said on twitter. Sometimes you feel like Professor X sitting in the chamber hearing every voice on the planet.



Watched "Lured," an Engish murder-mystery with George Sanders as a cad, Boris Karloff as a creepy guy, and Lucy as a spunky American gal. Everyone's good. But Lucy:




Makes you wonder why she wasn't a bigger movie star. I'm not a big fan of the TV shows - the wailing, the stupidity, the 'splaining to do. Whenever she's in a movie she's much more enjoyable.

The movie also had something that shows how nothing chances:



Virtual or physical, inboxes rule your life.


Ten 1961 Monkey Wards, right here. Enjoy! Have a grand weekend.







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