Alice Douche Bag of the BAGS. She also went by Alice Phallus.

You can see why the Grups might have thought this movement was a bit silly. Never mind the ripped shirts and use of pins and general mood of feral ugliness - the nomenclature was just banal.

Again, remember: what began as a reaction to the dead-end future in a socialized state ended up as make-up tips. "Even in Los Angeles, there is a touch of the extreme plus a more conservative wave of the quietly chic punk look."


Bag is alive and continues to be an inspiration and an icon, especially to female musicians. She went on to embrace her Latina roots as a bilingual teacher in inner-city schools, and with her bands Cholita! (a pop-punk "female Menudo" act with queer performance artist Vaginal Davis) and Las Tres (acoustic folk music, written from a Chicana perspective, which led to a spin-off called Goddess 13). Now her music and influence are featured in the traveling Smithsonian exhibition American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music. What's more punk rock than bucking tired clich├ęs?

Dying of a heroin overdose, but we're glad she didn't.