This one comes from Frahm's Hopper period. We learn that is possible to use steam-driven phallic symbols to make women's underwear slither to the ground. Notable for several interesting details:

A man across the street is able to take in the entire scene despite his distance from the event and the presence of solid objects between him and the woman. He grins; the woman who sees is consumed with sympathetic shame, and puts her hand to her mouth: the poor dear. Of course, that's what the slut gets for walking out in public with her bosoms hanging out.


Additional notes:

1. Her trials are not over; no matter how strong the bag, the poor packing ensures that the can will soon tumble out, or rip the paper. 2.

2. Buses of the 1950s were apparently pressurized; the opening of the door has caused air to rush out, explaining the billowing skirt.

3. Most curious: the indistinct object next to the clutch. It is still falling. It has not yet reached the ground. The clutch, however has. This means she was holding the clutch and the bag in her right hand, and was attempting to open her purse when her panties were subjected to the effects of the Celery Field. She dropped her purse, but held on to the bag for a second, then steadied herself against the outgoing gust of air, adjusted her skirt and looked down the aisle, where she noted, to her surprise and dismay, a man with an easel and a palette full of oil paints.