This site went up in 2015, and it was more or less just a bunch of stuff. Now, in the year 2023, it's a bunch of stuff arranged by years. With new additions coming in 2024!

Have no illusions: this is absolutely not a definitive account of the styles of the day. A lot of these were sourced from tony mags, so you'll get a lot of stuff aimed at well-off people who live on the East Coast. As I find more, I add more; there are reams of LIFE magazines I haven't plundered yet.

Perhaps I won't, because it's not as if the history of this stuff requires my participation. But at least I've made a site that isn't burdened with dreary meta-analysis intended to make some pedantic point. I'm just having fun and posting the things that strike the eye, and say something about the times.

Helpful hint: it's easier to click on the picture to advance to the next page.

Have fun!