Our long Hiatal Nightmare comes to a close! Today we take a look at the source and the current versions of the images you've seen at the top of the page this week.

These have been snipped from this colorized and upscaled video.

There's this:

And then you wince:

Another grand old theater, brought to dust. The Paramount.

The largest movie theater ever built in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan was acquired by the exhibition arm of Paramount Pictures in 1929 and renamed. The building had been designed by architect William Woolett, and the massive six-floor commercial and office block in which it was encased was a major landmark across from Pershing Square for several decades.

As for the 35-story tower:

Paramount operated the venue through the 1950s. It was closed in 1960 and demolished the following year to make way for a high rise office building which was never built. After the site served as a parking lot for many years, a building from the wholesale jewelry trade was erected on there in the late 1970s and remains today.

Random storefronts I liked:

The purple cast is common in these colorizations, and no doubt inaccurate.

A forgotten drink, no doubt positioned an Orange Juluis knock-off:

Newspaper.com searches pull up absolutely no ads for the stuff. Coupons, yes, but otherwise, only a slew of franchise offerings.

  An advice column in Wisconsin has this mention. That's about it.










Now some stuff. Misc audio from here and there.






I played this for you years ago. It's one of my absolute favorite ads. It just kicks.


And I've played you this. But it bears repeating. Damned catchy!


But I haven't played you this.

I'm glad they got work as the years went on.



Another feature I dumped at the last minute after a lot of clipping and trimming:

It's from this remarkable archive of Kresge mood music. The soundtrack of the stores in all its swankness. The pieces are more stylistically diverse than you might think.

Name that tune!






I love this stuff, unironically.


But also ironically.

  It wasn't a bad world, you know.

Now two ways to chip in!

And we're back with the Non-hiatal Bleat on Monday. See you then! Who knows what tales will be told? Tales . . . incrementally differenty from previous iterations? Well, don't ask for the moon, now.



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