I've packed this one away, so I can't tell you what the free offer inside might be. I will note that any balm that spends as much of its advertising space touting a free offer is either a product with a solid reputation already, or one that has nothing to lose.

It's the latter. A highly idiosyncratic wikipedia enty on the company is here; it says things like "At this time, an adage was added to the English lexicon, 'To work at Campana is like being a member of Frederick Stock's musical ensemble.'" Really. I guess the adage was also removed from the English lexicon, perhaps by force.

Campana was also the owner of AYDS, the most unfortunately named diet-pill in the history of reducing. Eventually they were sold to Dow, which sold them to Purex, which wound the company down for good.

Campana sponsored the First Nighter radio show, and the nephew of the company treasurer wrote the shows.