If it moves and chuffs and emits smoke, it's in here.



Roe-James Glass

GMC trucks

International Harvester

Overvold Motors

Pan-American Airlines

Great Northern Railway



Wilson Trucking

Sunset Motor

Dave Reese Oldmobile

Burlington Motors

Swanberg and Scheefe

Radio Cabs

Rochester Airport

Union Pacific

United Airlines

Smyrna Air Field

Tinker Field

Goodrich Tires

NoDak Ford Tractors

Becker Mills Pontiac

Dollar Steam Ships

Auto Pilot St. Louis MO

Ford 59 Wallwork

Richmond Parking Garage

Sweeney Bros. Tractors

Michigan Drivers Club

Lykes Lines

Parker Ford

New York Central System

Cog Railway

Kelly Tires

Russ Buick

Ford Tractors

Parker Sales, Flemington

Micro-Flare Lights

Mohawk Tires


Northwestern Trains

California Driving School

Airport Food Services


Royal Cab

Chrysler Fluid Drive

Belgrave Motors

TWA Italy

Northwest Orient

Mayflower Movers

Continental Airlines

Merchants Motor Fleet


E. H. Painter

Ted's Garage

Sloan Motors

Midwest Motor Express

B&O Rail

Raymond Motors

Wangler's Garage

Swanberg & Sheefe

Pacific Freight Lines

Nash Illinois

Monon Rail

Blue Ridge Bus

Wabash Rail

Western Trucklines

Minneapolis Moline

Hennepin Transfer

Dakota Freight

Burlingron Zephyr

Clarks Trucking

Bender Rigger

St. Paul Union Depot

Western Auto

Marcus Auto Supply

Robinsons Tires

Barlett trailer

Chevy '53

De Soto '56

Frank Lynch Buick

Mid-continent Airlines

John Deere

Southern Pacific


Oxide Battery

United Shipping