Obligatory sweeping statement loosely grounded in historical truth; assertion of changing retail patterns that's bland enough to seem reasonable, and not requre any research to back it up. Huffy contempt for anyone who didn't spend all his money preserving old buildings so I could enjoy them, followed with scorn for what was built in their place.

Yes, it's another collection of postcards, yoked together for a theme, inflated with super-important "urbanist" critiques! You'll see exciting views like this one . . .

. . . and then pictures from the world that came later. I've been working on this site for many years, although you won't be able to tell. It's just been a question of putting the pictures together. I think I was put off by the vacancy of the lower blocks; so much was build, and all of it destroyed by time or progress. But now the lower blocks are coming back to life, and it's time to give the area some historical context.