I warned you this would be a bad week, Bleat wise; today I offer conclusive proof. The time I usually spend working on the buzz.mn video was spent – gasp – socializing. In a manly fashion! Sitting outside with Beethoven and cigars, discussing the cares of the world. I felt slightly guilty, because the quantity of things undone is truly starting to take its toll on my sleep; I wake in the early hours, and they all line up like the Seven Dwarves, and some of them are really mad at me.

On the other hand, the guest at Jasperwood was Dennis Prager, so yes, I’m going to make time. The Giant Swede swung by with his entire humidor so decent selections could be had. Hugh Hewitt knows not what he missed by not coming to the Fair. No, amend that; he knows exactly what he missed. Sitting outside and talking of matters in a manly fashion, manfully. (Oh, ENOUGH name dropping.) (Note: it will get worse before the week's out.)

So that was today: again at the Fair. I no longer even think about it. I just get up and I go. It’s as if I work there forever now. I think I’m holding up well. I’d go every day, and every day I go. Well, the Bleat may suffer - but on the other hand, the seventh consecutive video is up, and surely that counts for something. See you at the Fair!