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DRUG STORE: March 1960

DRUG STORE: April 1960

DRUG STORE: August 1960

RESTAURANT: April 1960





You're about to experience something long hidden from the general public: the ads targeted at the people who sold you drugs and hamburgers. Chain Store Age was the trade publication for drug stores, and the magazine's ads are completely different than the ads seen by the general public.

Since lunch counters were a popular part of the drug store, the magazine had an entirely separate monthly publication for restaurant managers. What kind of bulk canned peaches should he buy? What kind of hot chocokate machine?

I'll be doling these out over the next year or two. They're all scanned and written and ready to go, and I suppose I could just put them all up at once. But as the drug and restaurant managers knew: the secret to a lasting business is to keep the customer coming back.

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