A rather fancy name for “lots of postcards and screenshots.”

But postcards are an invaluable resource; in the golden age of postcards, there were innumerable views and locales to be sent back home, to make people feel slightly envious that you were in, say, Waco. Or you’d passed a huge new church and felt compelled to inform the relatives.

But there’s more to the site than postcards. NODAK SMALL TOWNS was the first "artsy repurposing of Google Street View shots" I did. MAIN STREETS TODAY is a collection of the weekly feature on the Bleat; there are over a hundred cities. GOOGLE STREET VIEW is a collection of one-shots, slightly futzed.

GHOST SIGNS takes a look at the faded painted signs from half a century ago, at least; MAIN STREETS 50s - 70s celebrates the incredible diversity of signage and architecture in towns great and small. The Age of Neon - due to return in 2023.

There are larger old mall sites out there, but that hasn’t kept me from putting my cards together in MALLS OF YORE, and the MODERN CHURCHES site is puny but instructive.

The NEW YORK site is huge, and freshly remodeled. MINNEAPOLIS is under constant revision, and FARGO was corrected and restocked in 2020.

Lots to enjoy, and remember - clicking on the picture should move you along to the next one.