Okay! Okay! You all know the Clara Bow hotel was was the Biltmore and I didn’t. Never such a tsunami of mail! (I’ll read them all but cannot guarantee a reply, alas.) Thanks for the info. To answer some questions, I thought it might be in New York because I initially thought it was the Pennsylvania. because the hotels hail from the same era and stand along a broad avenue. Even though I quickly disabused myself of that notion – which sounds naughty, somehow – I got stuck on the idea that it was in Manhattan. I know better now.

Now on to less pressing matters. I need to change my desktop picture. I’m tired of the 60s Krispy Kreme counter. This was the image, taken from a KK calendar.

This bugs me, too: It’s like the guy at the counter is astral-projecting himself to the take-out line.

And this bugs me too.

No prices! It's all a fake! This is actually some government facility, and the broom closet is an elevator down to the labs where they're working on inverting dark matter and using it as a light source. ("Donut holes" were an unexpected side-effect of the research effort. Sort of like Tang, although the two don't go well together.)

When I get a new desktop, I'll let you know. Do not let the suspense kill you.

The middle of the month of February. The very definition of the Sargasso Sea-portion of the year. The Sunday-Monday crunch is over; only four more pieces to write this week, and I get the gift of Friday. I’m at the office for no particular reason, other than it’s good to be here among grown-ups, see the world pass by outside the coffee-shop window. The world is at its worst today, though – dim and monochromatic. The last thing I need to do is sit here and stare out the window without anything pressing to do, because that will lead to all sorts of dark mutterings.

That’s why I’m going to work on the novel tonight.

So it’s link-fun.

I like their taste in websites.

You young folk, busy putting money in your 401(k)? Nevermind. Key phrase: “”Scientists insist there is actually very little time left to decide.”

It’s obvious, but appropriate: these are grrrreat! There’s a perfect jaunty brio to the 60s-inspired character design – doesn‘t look cheap or dated, but timelessly modern. I mean, dang.

Why I hold Bic lighters in contempt. And say what you want about Calibari, (YouTube has been slow for me today – let this one load, perhaps, to get the full effect.)

The Cartoon Crisis reaches its second phase: cartoons about the cartoon crisis are being criticized – as racist, naturally. The cartoonist made a clever point, I think: the match isn't on fire. It doesn't have to be.

New Quirk, of course, and more Acme, special Urchin Edition. See you tomorrow!


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