NAZI GRANDMA SAYS: shame on you for coming here! You should be working for the greater glory of the Fatherland, not wasting your time on a rough collection of printed materials strung together with no discernible theme! When the war is over we wil deal with your kind like we dealt with the Gyp-


(sound of 170 lbs of Prussian hag-meat sliding to the floor)

Sorry about that, friends; don't know how that happened. She wanders off her page from time to time; it's a miracle we've kept her confined to the Institute so far. Don't worry, she's fine; that was a tranquilizer dart. We wouldn't shoot her. She's the last of her kind in captivity, as far as we know. You'll meet her and her lovable brood in just a few minutes. Welcome to Jetsam Cove!

(Formerly Flotsam Cove.)

(Don't ask.)

Anyway, here's some stuff. NOTE! Everything redone, resized, and so on, in November 2011.

Donut Party Bank of DEATH Odd Kids' Records Celery Fo Mo
Nels Irwin Suede! Dinky Starfleet Hitler Stamps Baghdad 1953
Nazi Grandma Pioneer Village 45 covers Reynolds Wrap Cards
Show N' Tell Solva-Roma Tom Swift Art Trim Jeans
TV Cozies Hardy Har. Har WW 1 Wonder Book "One to Grow On"
Egg Carton Novelties Peter Max Planes Gene Autrey Pgm 1949 Kitchen
Wrapping Hints Entertainment Room Surrealist Secret Weapon Murder in the Tank