Restaurants and bars have the greatest variety of matchbooks, but it's eating places that formed the start of many collections. Why? Because it was one of those hobbies you picked up as a kid, and you didn't spent much time in bars. At least you shouldn't have.

Index below is current to 12 / 2016.


Atkinson Ratajack, Flushing NY

42nd Street Cafeteria, NY NY

14th Street cafeteria, NY NY

The Wilbert, Cotton MN

Harry’s Cafe. Palm Springs FL

Green Lantern, Tuscon

Hot Fish Shop, Winona MN

Blake's Restaurant, Berkeley CA

Maisel restaurants NY

Pig’n Whistle, Memphis GA

Original Henri's

Cottage Inn Salt Lake City

Dinty Moore

Dinty Moore, Virginia grill. Mpls MN

Eskow, New York

Airport Restaurant, Dallas TX

Ali Baba, Canada

Farmer’s Daughter, Evansville IN

Kin Chu / Morocco, Minneapolis MN

Jacques’ French Restaurant, Chicago IL

Bamboo Drive in, Spokane

Bobbie’s Cafe, East Grand Forks MN

Bernstein’s Fish Grotto, San Fran CA

Boveri, Chicago IL



The Lariat, Golden CO

Canary D’or

The Griddle

Mike Lyman's, Los Angeles CA

Cafe Enduro, Brooklyn NY

Cafe Monte Carlo, Honolulu HI

Jones Foods, Beverly Hills CA

Harris Lunch, Kingman KS

Harris Lunch, Kingman KS

Bickford's Restaurants

Du-Par's Farmhouse, LA CA

Mayan Restaurant NY NY

Teddy's NY NY

McGuire's, St. Paul MN

White House. Eau Claire WI

Casa Nova, Lansing MI

Carlmo, NY NY

Casa Mana, Teaneck NJ

Covered Wagon, Mpls MN

Harvest House chain

Frisch's, Renton WA

Miss Norma, Cincinnati OH

Charle's Cafe, Mpls MN (2)

Hungarian Garden, NY NY

Vogel's, Whiting IN

White Elephant, Canastota NY


Thrall Pie Shop

Lindy's, Los Angeles CA

Lou Coffee's, Denver CO

Green Parrot, Rochester MN (2)

Lum Fong, NY NY

Hang Far Low, NY NY

Hickory Grill, Newark NJ

Islander, Los Angeles CA

Nob Hill, Madison WI

Luigi's, Newurgh NY

Southern Grill, Hot Spring AR

Swiss Restraurant NY NY

Old Mill, Pennsauken NJ

Shangri-La, Chicago IL

Sutton's Cafe, Provo UT

Monaco Restaurant, San Fran CA

New York Deli, NY NY

Mick Lewis Steak Ranch, Milkwaukee WI

Rex Restaurant, San Fran CA

Smitty's Brooklyn NY

Smitty's Pancake Chain

Sky Room, Seattle WA

Country Kitchen Chain

Country Kitchen Chain

Tick Tock, Hollywood CA

Schwen's, Blue Earth MN

Nybo's, Red Wing MN

Cow Shed. Detroit MI

Cup & Saucer, NY NY

Philipe, Los Angeles CA

David Fong, Minneapols MN

Stuckey's Chain

Gold Coast, Hollywood Beach FL

IHOP Chain

Hi-Ten, Fargo ND

Bridgeman's Chain

The Pit, Chicago IL

C&J Pie, Des Moines IA

Rector's, Washington DC

Salisbury House

Wayside Dining

Paris Inn Cafe

Smith Brothers

Angelo's, Gulfport MS

Reuben's, NY NY

Washington Nat, DC

Rickets, Chicago IL

Shipmates, Portland OR



Art's, Croydon OR

Dempsey's, Portland OR

Apple Blossom Cafe, Hood River OR

Jay's Marine Grill, Dallas TX

Bunny's Waffles, SF CA

Hollywood Wayside, Caledonia WI

Brighton Gardens, Rochester NY

Tastee Freeze

Bishop's Cafeterias

Totino's, Minneapolis MN

Waikiki Room, Minneapolis MN

Wold-Chamberlain Airport,Minneapolis MN

The Greatest Guy

Mr. Harry's, Mpls MN

Mr. Joe's, St. Paul MN

O'Donnell's Seafood, Washington DC

Paul Bunyon, Yreka CA


El Patio, Liberal KS

Bookbinders, Philly PA

Chuckwagon, Jackson WY

Here's Johnny

Bernard's, Thobodaux LA


Jolly Fisher, Duluth MN

Zucca's Portland OR

Dini's, Boston MA

Stone's Grill, OH

Servall, NY NY

Hickory House, NY NY

Golden Pheasant, Portland OR

Truck Stop, Lamont OK

Butch Van's, Kewaunee WI

Weiss Cafe, Helena WA

Tom Brown's Cafe, Chicago IL

Teds, Bloomfield Hills MI

Randgaard's Cafe, Montevideo MN

Tasman Sea, San Pedro CA


Schaaps, Portland OR

Kellys, Philadelphia PA

Kelly's, Portland OR

Brown Derby

Charlie's Cafe, Mpls MN

Westlake Inn, Portland OR

Portland Cafe, Portland OR

Pizza Hut

Imperiale, NY NY

Sam's Subway, Indianapolis IN

Noah's Ark, St. Charles MO

Fritz's Diner, Trenton NJ

Rich's Tip-Top, Milwaukee WI

Fiesta Grille, St. Louis MO

Worwa's, Mpls MN

Puritan Cafe, Willmar MN

Castleholm, NY NY

Lew Fendlers, Philadelphia PA

Lemme Inn, Mpls MN


Dunn's, Lathan NY

Western Steer

Ripper's Cafe, Seattle WA

Michaels, Golden Valley MN

Grandpa's Steak House

Superior Malt Shop, Ft. Wayne IN

Liberal View League, Indianapolis IN

Wheeler Waffles

Sussman Volk, NY

Gmitros, Mpls MN

Lindberg Terminal, Mpls MN

9 & 20 Pine Cone, Castleton NY

Broiler, Mpls MN

Town Tavern, Portland OR

Stockholm, Somerville NJ

Toddle House

Shangri-La, Chicago IL

Skyview, Philadephia PA

Freddies Cafe, Mpls MN

Chateau, Blue Lake

Golden Fried Chicken

Chicken Shack

Delmonico, Morris MN

College Diner

John's #1 Son, Mpls MN

Helen Swope, Seattle WA

Stanwood Cafeternia, NY NY

Burger King

Canlis, Honolulu HI


Globe Cafe, Pendleton OR

Highlander, Lake Wales FL

Covered Wagon ,Detroit MI

The Clock, Los Angeles LA

El Lammi, Milwaukee WI

Toffenetti, NY NY

Chick'n Coop, Rouses Pt. NY

Cedric's, Mpls MN

Cafe Di Napoli

Alice Court, Potland LA

American Cafe, Mobridge SD

Clover Coffee Shoppes, Cleveland OH

Coffee Dan's

Dorlon's, Norwalk CN

Sampson House, Philadelphia PA